Goodbye Spanish, Hello English

When I started to hook up on Internet, like ten years ago, Spanish contents were quite few and the quality was way lower versus English ones; since then 99% of my searches are in English, unless I’ve to search for something local, I don’t see a reason too look for Spanish contents. 

My OS and my gadgets always have been configured to use English language since ever, actually using one in Spanish (because of regional auto settings or whatever) doesn’t feel right; and don’t make me talk about how annoying is to use a PC with the wrong keyboard shortcuts.

Over the past few years I have been reading a lot of English books, technical/science ones I’ve to say, I’m starting to become comfortable about switching to another language. I haven’t took any courses to property learn English, yet I need to check the dictionary fewer times nowadays.

I tend to get bored doing the same over and over, Spanish feels bored by now… I need a change. Secretly I’ve always hated Spanish, it’s so inconsistent (I think like a programmer, don’t mind me), it feels like a language that have been patched so many times over the centuries.

So, Why English? Anyone who have studied Computer Science (and most sciences), should know that Spanish lags way behind from English, trying to keep up with the latest technology is the key on this field. I don’t think English is better than Spanish as language, both have their irregular rules and exceptions, just feels like the next logical step. Also the key to property learn a language is practice, just like math.

I’d so love to be learning Esperanto, a highly structured language without the irregular forms non-sense… but, eh, it’s not really that useful out there. Shame. Neither I’m asking for the Newspeak of Nineteen Eighty-Four, but having to learn a lot of irregular forms of any language, feels like memorizing phone numbers.

So, I don’t think I’ll be writing Spanish anymore on this site, and hopefully elsewhere on the Internet.

PD: Also my latest laptop doesn’t have Spanish keyboard, so it’s nice to not be switching over and over.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye Spanish, Hello English”

  1. You suggest that Esperanto is “not really that useful out there”. I hope you don’t mind if I diagree. Esperanto works! I’ve used it in speech and writing in about fifteen countries, including Arghentina, over recent years. I recommend it to any traveller, as a way of making friendly local contacts.

  2. @hilarychapman I didn’t mean Esperanto is a waste of time, of course you can find groups and get into them… but the chances of meeting a random person who speaks Esperanto are quite low as far as I know.

    @Rudy yeah, its been a while. Wait… didn’t you mean Weblog? 😛

  3. same for me with english over german. btw my grandparents were thought esperanto for 1 or 2 years in school before WW2. but of course this was never really effective because teachers lacked experience & interest in educating for a maybe better but artificial language. cheers from vienna

  4. As programmers, we would love Esperanto. Then I think we must learning and use.

    (Excuse my bad English)

  5. Yes I do think Spanish and English are both phonetically inconsistent, compared to languages like Esperanto, where only have to remember all the roots and the suffixes and prefixes, all the forms will conjugate the same. No irregular verbs exists like in Spanish or English.

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