deviantArt Diario: Soul – Collab

“Soul - Collab”

por Exntrik.
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Well it’s finally done folks…after about 3 odd months we finally polished this baby off. Working with ~ag3 was always fun and randomly exciting.


: Terragen rendering, terrain postwork, base nebula painting and space-scape creation.

: Terragen base world creation, space-scape touch-ups, planetwork, stocks.

Besides all that Ill just thank ~ag3 for all the fun and cool work. It’s been good~
Time to let the piece speak for itself…

Que buena esta ilustración! no por gusto se tardo 3 meses en hacer esta maravilla… es una de esas ilustraciones como del inicio de los tiempo, con un brillo a lo lejos y colores fantásticos. Lindo enverdad

deviantArt Diario: Phoenix


por girltripped /
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We played with our new 20D… haven’t messed around with it enough yet, I know I wasn’t satisfied with the results as compared to how we use our other camera. We need to get the hang of it better. This was the only headshot of the shoot, the other photos are extremely themed (nothing like this at all), but this was pretty much the only shot I wasn’t disappointed with… I’m sure I’ll love the camera, we’re just still messing around with it

A pesar de la saturación de rojo en la foto, es el toque que ha llamado mi atención… la forma de su pelo la hace ver como que estubiera cayendo.

deviantArt Diario: SamuraiSugarSlash


por kunkka.
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Onwards with the samuraisugar series~!
i finally decided to develop her further, she’s too fun a character
to stop at 1 piece
remember to check out the samuraisugar poll!

experimented with a different work process and different techniques with this piece.
n it took quite a while..

Genial obra! Me agrada como el personaje principal está enfocado con respecto al fondo, una escena no apta para público sensible 😛 … muy fuerte pues! jajaja

deviantArt Diario: Come into my world

“Come into my world”

por Zindy.
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Do you dare to come into her world?
I used a picture of my friend Helena as base for the drawing. However, she doesn’t look so evil in real life, she’s sweet looking )
I wanted to make something mysterious kind of and daring, this is the result.
I wanted the drawing to have a unfinished look, and with very light areas to kind of fade out, against the very dark.
Made with my black ballpen.

La simpleza de los trazos es digno de admirar. La forma en que la imagen “desaparece” la hace ver misteriosa.

deviantArt Diario: Cyclops Boy

“Cyclops Boy”

por karichristensen.
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Working on a children’s book idea. Critique is appreciated.

Vaya que ilustración tan graciosa! Realmente el pequeño cíclope es feooo. Mi única queja es que parece estar fuera de proporción.. pareciera ser más un gigante con respecto al fondo. Me gusta la expresión, lo hace ver bastante torpe.

deviantArt Diario: iElf


por yumedust /
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I wonder what she’s listening to? )

This started as just a practice thing, exercise in anatomy (referenced myself), and i haven’t touched painter in a while so i wanted to play around with it too. i like the creamy painty brushes i have in painter~ anyways, i couldn’t really leave it alone and kept touching it up, i dont want to take it any further though, i like the brushstrokes and i don’t really want to smooth them out.. this ended up being 50% in photoshop and 50% in painter. i’m happy with her legs… not so much her face though. oh well!

aah the details aren’t really amazing so i didn’t bother saving a close-up (this was pretty quick compared to some of my other CGs and i didn’t really fine-tune anything) but if anyone wants i can upload some close-ups when i get home (i’m at my dad’s for thanksgiving, yay turkey! and pie!)

La Fiebre iPod ya llego a los Elfos 😛 Muy buena técnica usada, no tengo quejas. Figura sensual, percing en la nariz, iPod, pelo hermoso… ¿qué más puedo pedir? quizás que fuera real :'(.

deviantArt Diario: Jessica Alba

“Jessica Alba”

por Isalinde.
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So i felt like using colour pencils again
I really liked this pic of jessica, i tried to make her look a bit more sad, not sure it shows
Also hope is recognizable enough
A4, smooth paper, mixed brands of pencils…

¿Quién dijo que con crayones no se podía hacer algo bueno? Me gusta que haya logrado reproducir la cara de Jessica Alba, aunque no comprendo porque incluyó las hojas verdes… hubiese quedado mejor sin ellas.

deviantArt Diario: Carrier.



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Me recordé de las historías orientales de vírgenes que salían al mercado en busca de provisiones y que si encontraban a alguien necesitada le ayudaban. Esa mirada tan profunda es muy hermosa. Lo único que no me gustó fue el color de sus labios. siento que un rojo huebiese quedado mucho mejor.

deviantArt Diario: Seduction

por Zindy.
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The past days I had a sweet friend of mine for a visit . We took a lot of pictures, a lot 😀 She’s a great model and so beautiful.
I am going to make a serie of drawings in this style, this is the first one.
I wanted this to be a bit sexy/daring without being too much.

Made with my black soft coal pencil.

Muy buen dibujo, el área de los ojos está muy bien definida. Realmente logró capturar la expresion de sensualidad en su rostro.