A year of reading books

Back in December 2017, I wanted to read a lot more books. I’m not a person that starts a new year making a list of goals, but this was the first time I’ve being serious about achieving something through the year.

My goal was to read more than 25 books, maybe even reach the 50 books in year; I tried hard a few months, but I end up at 32 books. It feels great, I got to read a lot of stories and really good books.

  • Reading this many books, made me feel like the year lasted longer. As if I had experienced in person all those stories, and visited the places told in the books.
  • Going through 25 books in a year feels doable as long as you stay focused on the goal (around 2 weeks to read a book). Achieving 50 or more books, that’s going to be hard if you have a busy life (work and other hobbies are going to interfere), or stick to picking light books (cheating 😉 )
  • I don’t really mind reading on printed books or ebooks. Some have good edition, others don’t. Each one has its pros and cons, I just wanted to consume the story.
  • One thing about reading printed books, is that the covers are attractive, so people might ask you about your read (more if they see you reading periodically at the same place). With tablets or ebook readers, people might think you are just checking Social Media.
  • It really helped me carrying a book everywhere, even to a bar. Reading while commuting a third world country is fine, while pulling a ebook reader could be dangerous.
  • Its funny because the more I read, the more books get into my wish list. I got a lot of follow ups from Scientific books. Still feels good to tackle a bound of entries from my list.

You can checkout the books I had have read at LibraryThing.

I’m going to keep with this goal through 2019, maybe should I call it an habit by now 🙂 Feels good to be able to read books, I should try to read even more.