Saga, the comic everyone should read*

I’m not really a Comic Book Guy, but still I had heard a lot about Saga, the epic space opera comic that feels like putting “Romeo & Juliet” inside of Star Wars type of universe, and them make them try to raise a family. And each one is from a different species, which were told they couldn’t reproduce between them, but they actually can. At times, it could feel like reading something from Game of Thrones.

Saga does a wonderful job portraying the struggles of raising a family in the middle of a interplanetary war-zone, and the universe gets pretty complex very soon. I would recommend Saga to any one who would like to get into comics.

* But be warned: Saga is very, very explicit and touches a lot of controversial topics. The sexual content is very graphic and explicit. Whatever you could imagine you will find, its gonna be past that. If you are open-minded enough, this comic is for you.

Comic: Saga - Compendium One
Saga – Compendium One.

The copy I got its the “Compendium One“, a huge 1300-page book collecting the 54 issues published so far. This is the first book I read in 2020, and I’m so glad I got a copy of all the material, I just couldn’t put it down.

One thing I liked is the use of Esperanto, even if broken, for the Blue language.

Saga – Blue language, which is actually Esperanto

Saga its easily a 5 of 5, won a Hugo for best graphic story and its been nominated multiple times again. The only bad thing is that the creators are in hiatus at the moment, the wait is going to be long…

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