2018: Phones are mostly bezel-less so our cases can have big bezels

Essential Phone with Poetic case
Essential Phone with the Poetic case

This year most smartphone manufacturers have been pushing hard to reduce the size of the bezels on their phones (so called screen-to-body ratio); also using fragile premium materials of the back, instead of plastic, is cool. It funny because if you care about your phone, you’re going to use a case with it, and one with quite big bezels.

For a while I was tempted on getting one of the Caterpillar android phones, but the specs were kinda bad, so was the lack of software updates. Actually its becoming harder to find a flagship Android phone that doesn’t have a back made of glass or ceramic and tiny bezels in the front. But hey, that slippery back gotta feel premium!.

Looks like the future of smartphones is about wrapping their premium materials in Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cases 🙄