Gyo – A horror manga

Gyo – a horror manga by Junji Ito

How can a manga be so awesome and disgusting at the same time? That’s Junji Ito’s work. Gyo really impressed me with its drawings of horrible mech-zombie bodies expelling gases, thanks to a germ developed by the Japanese army. I can’t recommend it enough, although the story is a bit short.

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Sword Art Online – Alicization (Season 3)

Sword Art Online – Alicization

Heads up! The season 3 of Sword Art Online anime just started airing again 😀 (previous season aired back in 2014). SAO its one of my favorite series, and having had read the light novels a few years ago, I’m excited about this adaptation.

I think its been like 4 years since I read most of this season’s history arc, and just recently caught up to the #17 novel. The history is really long, I’m not sure how much of it is going to be covered in this season. We’ll see what makes it in.

You can watch it in Crunchyroll. Or Horrible Subs.

2018: Phones are mostly bezel-less so our cases can have big bezels

Essential Phone with Poetic case
Essential Phone with the Poetic case

This year most smartphone manufacturers have been pushing hard to reduce the size of the bezels on their phones (so called screen-to-body ratio); also using fragile premium materials of the back, instead of plastic, is cool. It funny because if you care about your phone, you’re going to use a case with it, and one with quite big bezels.

For a while I was tempted on getting one of the Caterpillar android phones, but the specs were kinda bad, so was the lack of software updates. Actually its becoming harder to find a flagship Android phone that doesn’t have a back made of glass or ceramic and tiny bezels in the front. But hey, that slippery back gotta feel premium!.

Looks like the future of smartphones is about wrapping their premium materials in Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) cases 🙄

What the next smartphone generation should aim for

5 years apart: HTC One X and the original iPhone

It’s been a long time since my first smartphone, and also my first mobile phone, the original iPhone. Since then smartphones are almost as powerful as netbooks, just look at the specs of my current phone, a HTC One X:

  • CPU: 1.5Ghz Quad-Core
  • 1280 x 720 4.7″ screen
  • 32GB on board storage
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 8 MP camera and decent sensor

Compared to the original iPhone hardware, everything is 3 or 4 times better. The Android OS is literally light-years from the crappy Windows Pocket/CE or Symbian OS experience, browsing from this phone feels almost like doing it from a traditional desktop PC.

I’m sure there is still room for improvement (specially on the little webkit browser), but also somehow feels like the phone hardware doesn’t to be that much powerful. I don’t think having a 8 core CPU will be noticeable unless you do really intense gaming. More Ram? hmm well, I’m not running a database server in the server; besides mobile OSs doesn’t run all applications in parallel at the same time, they keep one app active and the rest sleeping (plus services in the background).

More pixels on the screen? well, at 300dpi is already hard to see individual pixels. Same for tons of megapixels on the camera, that’s silly; at least HTC is betting for higher quality rather than just pack more megapixels.

However with all those improvements in the last years, there are two areas where I’d really like to see huge advances:

  • Battery life: It’s nice to have such a big screen, but tuning it on feels like burns the battery. Leaving my phone in stand by could easy past one day without charging, but it can’t take more than 6 hours of continuous use. I’d love so much to have a phone with a battery that lats a couple days like in the old days… I guess it’s too much to ask when every manufacturer tries to pack as much muscle on the phone as they can. Sigh.
  • Unbreakable glass screen: Scratches are almost no issue nowadays, but every time I drop my phone, I fear its going to shatter. I feel bad for iPhone and iPad mini users, because Apple loves so much pushing the glass to the border as much as they can… Beautiful aesthetics they say, shatter screens is what I see. At least most Android devices keep a reasonable ugly bezel, I like my devices being durable not just beautiful.

@neavilag's cracked iPad Mini

If you ask me about dreaming, I’d love so much my phone to be also my computer like the old Seabird phone concept:

To be honest, I don’t think this happening, Motorola tried to do something like this with the Atrix phone, it looked nice but it wasn’t powerful, after all the x86 architecture packs more force than ARM (if you don’t mind the power consumption). I don’t see phones and tablets reaching the same compute power (and versatility) as laptops anytime soon.

Goodbye Spanish, Hello English

When I started to hook up on Internet, like ten years ago, Spanish contents were quite few and the quality was way lower versus English ones; since then 99% of my searches are in English, unless I’ve to search for something local, I don’t see a reason too look for Spanish contents. 

My OS and my gadgets always have been configured to use English language since ever, actually using one in Spanish (because of regional auto settings or whatever) doesn’t feel right; and don’t make me talk about how annoying is to use a PC with the wrong keyboard shortcuts.

Over the past few years I have been reading a lot of English books, technical/science ones I’ve to say, I’m starting to become comfortable about switching to another language. I haven’t took any courses to property learn English, yet I need to check the dictionary fewer times nowadays.
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Que en paz descanse: Flash para móviles

Es oficial, Adobe quiere deshacerse pronto de Flash, con el anuncio que este ya no tendrá soporte oficial para móviles con Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). No es una novedad, pero de todas formas acelerará el final del Flash player en Android.

Reproductor Flash de Vimeo

En mi Nexus One tuve instalado el Flash player casi solo por sitios de reseñas que aún usan reproductores propios. Para cualquier otra cosa, el 99% del contenido nunca fue optimizado para móviles, es decir, botones minúsculos pensados para un mouse. De hecho, el único que recuerdo que sea optimizado es el reproductor flash de Vimeo.

Hace unos años para hacer una interfaz animada en el web, Flash era la respuesta. ahora esto se puede hacer sin problemas con HTML5 (ejemplo), o incluso hasta mejor porque no se trabaja en “una ventana” de dimensiones fijas, sino se puede usar diseños adaptativos.

Si bien HTML5 no es la panacea universal, buena parte del contenido que existe en Flash se puede hacer en HTML5, y esto mismo puede usarse en el sitio principal, en lugar de mantener flash para desktops y html5 solo para móviles. Obvio que HTML5 no tendrá las mismas capacidades de Flash, pero la gente que las necesita es muy poca; para móviles la respuesta es irse por desarrollo de aplicaciones nativas, en el desktop Flash aún seguirá vivo por algunos años más.

Nuevos dominios de alto nivel

¿Recuerdan de esos proveedores de correo que ofrecían múltiples dominios? Como o; Justo me recordé esto con la propuesta de la ICANN para agregar nuevas extensiones de dominio de primer nivel, que hasta ahora han recibido 1930 solicitudes para estas nuevas extensiones.

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Windows 8 tendrá los mismos requerimientos de Windows 7

Según dicen, Windows 8 no necesitará más recursos de hardware que Windows 7, lo cual no sorprende con la considerable cantidad de netbook en el mercado, y el impulso que Microsoft pretende darle a las Tables con Win8 (bastante tarde, diría yo). Supongo que nos podemos olvidar que Win8 fuera liberado solo como 64-bits.