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I wonder what she’s listening to? )

This started as just a practice thing, exercise in anatomy (referenced myself), and i haven’t touched painter in a while so i wanted to play around with it too. i like the creamy painty brushes i have in painter~ anyways, i couldn’t really leave it alone and kept touching it up, i dont want to take it any further though, i like the brushstrokes and i don’t really want to smooth them out.. this ended up being 50% in photoshop and 50% in painter. i’m happy with her legs… not so much her face though. oh well!

aah the details aren’t really amazing so i didn’t bother saving a close-up (this was pretty quick compared to some of my other CGs and i didn’t really fine-tune anything) but if anyone wants i can upload some close-ups when i get home (i’m at my dad’s for thanksgiving, yay turkey! and pie!)

La Fiebre iPod ya llego a los Elfos 😛 Muy buena técnica usada, no tengo quejas. Figura sensual, percing en la nariz, iPod, pelo hermoso… ¿qué más puedo pedir? quizás que fuera real :'(.

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