deviantArt Diario: city morning

city morning

por aoikiwi.
Reproducido con autorización del autor.

Comentarios del autor:

I love sunrises. ^_^ Especially how they can make anything look pretty, even things like concrete box buildings and roads that are normally ugly 95% of the day. w00t.

I can’t say the same for my paintings, but hopefully this at least caught some tiny little part of the early-morning feel I was going for.

Aaaanyways. I tried a weird combination of words/picture for this… with interesting results. ^^;
Done fully in Painter 6 and mouse; over a month of on-and-off digipainting.

EDIT: Wish I could reply to everyone personally but with AP exams around the corner, that doesn’t seem to be working out so well. Thanks for all your comments, though!

Buena ilustración, transmite bien la sensacion del amanecer con las tonalidades rojas en el cielo. Ha cuidado algunos detalles como la transparencia de la tela o el resplandor de la lámpara.

3 thoughts on “deviantArt Diario: city morning

  1. Me gustó bastante, especialmente porque soy fanático de los amaneceres y atardeceres… siento que, como dice el autor, hacer ver todas las cosas bonitas.

    Lo que me da curiosidad es ese mensaje en la pared que dice “Can you see me”, trate de ver si habia algo “escondido” pero no logre ver.

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