deviantArt Diario: Forsaken Sorrow

Forsaken Sorrow

Por cosmosue.
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This is for Jena’s son Nicholas

It is a collaboration done with my good friend, Jena *AutumnsGoddess who keeps me laughing all day long (when she gets the day off!) lol
I knew this morning when she said she was “enlisting me for something” that I had better clear my schedule…(clear it? I had nothing on it anyway…!) hehe
She made my day that much brighter today and I was greatful because I have been so damn busy lately with stuff other than art, and quite frankly that makes me a sad penguin, so this was a breath of fresh air and pretty much made my day.

This was a ton of fun, 1) because it was her son 2) I drew those eyes and damnit I am happy with them! 3) because shes just so fun to work with!

Un trabajo en Digital (PhotoShop?) muy bien logrado. Me gusta por la tonalidad azul en la piel y en el fondo. Los ojos de gato que posee brillan mucho… sumado a sus orejas puntas de seguro que no es humano.