deviantArt Diario: ++ the dream ++

por LadyChikititaBlue.
Reproducido aquí con el permiso del autor

Comentarios del Autor:

+ After several weeks of drawing, chatting, then drawing, then browsing webpages, painting, chatting, eating, painting, scratching my head, painting, and then chatting again, well, you get the idea. I have this.
+ Done in Illustrator and Paintshop…with a lot of that inner, mental stuff.
+ made the background, based on ‘s Deviantion : [link]

…a sea of doubt beneath her own[…]
You’re not the first to dream this, little girl,
you know its never happened once in this world.
It never crossed my mind that one so young
could hope to find
a power greater than my own…

…oooh oooh oooh, this is the power of turning a nightmare into a dream (:

Esta vez algo de animé. Las líneas en el fondo dan la impresion de que ella se encuentra bajo el efecto de alguna fuerza… una fuerza superior a la de ella como dice la autora.

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  1. The japanese influence on the artwork is very strong and i like it! Maybe next time I get to see more examples of that work the next I visit your site.

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