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AMY: Right after we got off the road we instantly went into, just hiding, and started writing for the next record. I’m really looking forward to touring again, it’s been 2 years since we played a show, by the time we play it’ll have been a lot longer.
The fans, I miss feeling that feeling on stage, the energy of everyone just kinda “feeling” at the same time. It’s just so powerful.
You can hear on the album a lot of the changes that I’ve gone through in my life. The album’s more mature. I mean, I’m a better musician than I was. Also I’ve gained a lot of confidence, I’m not afraid to do a lot of things that I guess on the first record I felt self-conscious about or maybe afraid to try.
Musically we really just tried so many new things. I feel like this record has a lot more soul, in more ways than one. Mostly I mean, I just really went with what I felt, even more specific and true to myself.
Like for example the first single CMWYS – it’s kinda impossible to misinterpret the lyrics. Like I really wanted to say something and it’s been said. You can look at it a different way, typical of my lyric-writing I guess. You can apply it to your life, think of it in 2/3 different ways which a lot of the writings go that way a bit.
Sometimes I’ve just really wanted to say something and said it and you can’t hide from it and I’m proud of that.
Lithium’s definitely a metaphor. I felt like I was in love with my sorrow, which I’ve always felt like. I get into these moods when I write music and it’s not the most depressed, it’s just this kinda strange low when I write. At the same time I wanna break free and feel free and happy, I think that was me getting ready to drop the ball and just change and move on.
Good Enough does frighten me. I think I’m kinda scared of it. I think it’s weird. It was the greatest song to write and to bring to the table when we were recording the album because its just really real and I was really saying what I really felt and for once that wasn’t miserable or stuck or trapped or sad or grieving, it was happy and I was like, “Well, I wrote a happy song, you guys are probably gonna hate it.”
And they loved it so, I’m in love with GE, it’s more the way I feel now. It’s the last song I wrote for the album, it’s really cool that it’s the last song on the album because its all of the things that I went through and the point that I got to.

JOHN: “All That I’m Living For” to me is, whenever I wrote the stuff that I did for that song I kept in mind what Evanescence was to me. I’ve been around for a long time. Although I didn’t have a lot of writing on the first record, I’ve been playing these songs for years so I think it has a lot of the overtones of what happened on the last record but way heavier.

TERRY: Probably the song called Your Star I like a lot, and Sober I like a lot for a single.

ROCKY: Just being able to do what I love to do everyday and being able to support my family doing what I like to do, you can’t ask for more than that really.

TERRY: A lot of cool stuff happened to us. The European tour I did with the band, and to see how big the band was and to stay so far away from home was really cool

AMY: These guys are hilarious. I am just constantly in stitches. I can’t keep up, half the time I don’t know what they’re saying…it’s hilarious. *all laugh*.
Touring overseas, it tends to be a little more stressful because you’re trying to cram it all in and they’re so many countries to go to and you’re so far from home. It’s a little harder but then again, the fans get crazier…

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