deviantArt Diario: Nelicquele

The forest had tones of amber and moss, and the shadows were a dusky, whispery purple much like the colour of her eyes.

Where the depth of those shadows dropped away into blackness, she could see it. It. The looming darkness of the abyss. A darkness that opened up and threatened to swallow her, at times – a darkness that would slither close to her feet and plant little kisses against the hem of her dress.

A feeling she had grown accustomed to – living there, on the brink of falling into the endless dark.

It was a feeling she had grown to love.

Picture very much inspired by quite a few of the old masters. I don’t know why and how, but that was what I was thinking of when I worked on the image.

por enayla.

Una de mis imagenes favoritas, bastante oscura. Me intriga mucho el que las flores al pie del árbol se vean saludables en un lugar tan oscuro. El rostro de ella tiene brillo propio como si fuera un angel; los detalles del vestido y el fondo son fátasticos! un excelente obra…

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  1. un lugar tan fantastico sinceramente, tiene oscuridad, pero a mi punto de vista, es el mejor lugar en el q se pueda estar, porque sus sombras intrigan y le dan un toque e interes.

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