deviantArt Diario: SCRAP: Jason progress

anyone can learn anything from this but at least you get some idea, lol.

I always use photo references because I can’t draw from scratch, -I just can’t, simple as that. I always end up with one eye higher up than the other and or the body all awkward looking.
And I always keep the photo(s) open on the side at all time for reference or I’ll get totally lost ;p

I start with making a quick sketch (trace the contures) then I roughly block in the skin colours I want for the face, making the shadows and highlights. Having done that I usually paint in the eyes, nose and mouth (!using the photo as reference to make sure I get it right!) At this time I don’t do the smaller details, I just want to I get some idea on how the character will look like, his expression etc. I usually paint in some rough hair too at this stage for the same reason. Then I continue working the same way with the rest; -block in colours for the clothing, rest of the skin etc. After that it’s just a matter of painting and blending the colours together so it all looks smooth and natural, then I finish it off with the smaller details )
I use the hard, round brush on opacity 100% flow 100% for blocking in the colours and the same brush with opacity 100% and flow around 7-10% for the blending (spacing around 3%) Then I finish off with the soft airbrush with opacity around 17-35%

Finished artwork here [link]

There are many good tutorials here on DA on how to paint people; -skin, eyes, mouths, hair etc. Here are a couple of examples

CrazyDwarf skin painting tutorial [link]
humbugle portrait tutorial [link]

Great skin palettes:
DeviantNep skin colours [link]

por wycked.

Quieren aprender a dibujar personas 100% digitalmente? esta es una buena muestra!

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