deviantArt Diario: Death Row

The devil has seduced another victim. She leads him down the red carpet to her fortress in the underworld as the rest of her victims, ravaged by time, reach out in a futile attempt to escape, or drag her down with them….


PLEASE FULL VIEW! After about 3 months of work, you can handle the brief loading time P

Oh man let me tell you how difficult this picture was to complete. Actually, I won’t because I can’t even express it. Anyway, I really hope you like this work, I didn’t post this for a while for fear of how people would react, this is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever completed and I didn’t want to deal with people not appreciating it, but I was encouraged by a sort of..”friend” (who also suggested the title). See if you can figure out who it is. I entered this in the cgtalk challenge [link] but I didn’t win anything (the other entries were INCREDIBLE), but I am so proud of myself. Regardless though, enjoy it, you won’t be seeing much like this from me, too tiring and time consuming >< I can’t say I am not proud of my effort though, I hope you feel the same way. Thanks in advance for comments and favs, I love you all.

If you want to see progress:[link]

CLOSEUPS: [link]

Also, to respond to another comment, I made the guy stiff on purpose, so he would have almost a robotic feel, he is completely under her spell and has lost touch with his human side in a sense, so his motions are no longer fluid or even living )

Oh, and by the way, yes, there are faces in the clouds

por ramy.

Esta imagen es de las que debe ver se en su version amplia. Las sombras tienen muchos rostros… y no precisamente las más bonitas.

5 thoughts on “deviantArt Diario: Death Row”

  1. cuando ví la imagen no pude evitar pensar que era una de las imagenes esas cuando la gente va al altar a casarse… q concepto el mio jaja… muy buena imagen, has seleccionado cosas muy buenas

  2. De verdad que tienes razon jaja. Gracias por el comentario… si miras alguna por alli que este buena y que quieras sugerirla a esta seccion me avisas ok?

  3. Un camino sin fin, una ausencia acompañada de la melancolia,,, Una mirada plasmada en el infinito!!! Ella va elegante hacia su muerte, la soledad y la melancolia Le Gritan “Por mas que Mueras, vayas a donde vayas, Te seguira el Maldito corazon hechizado de aMor”,,, y ella ve a su alrededor y mira unas luces opacas,tenues y casi sin alumbrar su caminar!!! Se detiene en su largo trayecto y mira hacia atras!!! y piensa es mucho mejor este camino,,, q mi pasado,,, Es mas soportable la Ausencia y la Melancolia q La misma traicion, que el mismo desamor y que la misma vida sin sentido!!! Prefiero seguir mi camino hacia la muerte,,, porq lo que vivi antes no significaba nada,,, Dejare de ser un espectro y formar parte del Pasado!!!

    Sigo sin vida, sigo sin sentido,,, no he puesto nada en mi blog!!! porq estoy Entre la vida y la muerte!!! Solo pasaba a Saludarte ,,, tkm mi gatito gurr

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