FALLEN and ANYWHERE BUT HOME available for download!

Este mensaje fue enviado por la lista de correo de Evanescence. Para los que les sobre algo de dinero, ahora pueden comprar los videos de evanescence y las canciones de Fallen y Anywhere but Home.

Hey Evanescence Fans!Things are starting to heat up now as the time draws closer to the release of THE OPEN DOOR on October 3rd. SO here’s some new stuff to let you in on.

The band has released the official track listing for THE OPEN DOOR with the track “Call Me When You’re Sober” as the first single off the new album. Check out the tracks below:

1. Sweet Sacrifice
2. Call Me When You’re Sober
3. Weight of the World
4. Lithium
5. Cloud Nine
6. Snow White Queen
7. Lacrymosa
8. Like You
9. Lose Control
10. The Only One
11. Your Star
12. All That I’m Living For
13. Good Enough

For the first time – Evanescence’s FALLEN and ANYWHERE BUT HOME are officially available for digital download. Visit iTunes now where you can not only download both albums, but with FALLEN you’ll also receive a download of the “Bring Me To Life” video. You can also download all of the band’s music videos from both albums! In addition, you can also visit Walmart.com, Napster, and Sony Connect today to download all your favorite Evanescence tracks!

If you haven’t already, check out the newly redesigned Evanescence.com where you can see new band shots and more!

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