deviantArt Diario: Lady in red

Just a shot I took today with my new ravenswing dress. Really happy with it although it has taken me over an hour to post because my computer is messing me around and about 30 minutes trying to border it due to all the crashing.

por Dagwanoenyent.

Esta mujer me recuerda mucho a Amy Lee (de Evanescence): Ojos verdes, piel blanca, linda carita. Parece ke esta algo preocupada por salir bien en la siguiente foto?

6 thoughts on “deviantArt Diario: Lady in red”

  1. This Photo has been stolen from deviant art without permission. I suggest you remove it from your website.

  2. Its part of dA’s policy that no picture on dA can be used on any other site without the permission of the owner of the picture. So I suggest you ask all the people you’ve ‘borrowed’ pictures from and ask first from now on.

  3. Sure I asked many of them, don’t remeber every user but I sent a note to many of them linke josemanchado, blizzy123, OmenN2501, LadyChikitaBlue, xXxdarkshine, darkgoth, MIKH, lithimpicnic, etc etc… for those who don’t reply I guess don’t allow me to publish thier works…. I gonna check I’ve asked to every one… ok?

  4. Eres un ladrón. Esta fotografía no la tomaste tú. Pertenece a una mujer Inglesa y tú solamente estás haciéndote pasar por el fotógrafo cuando en realidad eres un pobre perdedor que no tiene idea de que las leyes de Copyright aplican en todo el mundo. Te sugiero que la retires antes de que te expulsen de este sitio.

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