deviantArt Diario: Eclipse of the Red Sun

Jorzua and his Army
Hi all,this is a relatively big piece intended to show the visage of an pale,young warlord Jorzua with his army sweeping the lands from the southwest with unbridled tenacity. The warlord brought with him the best captains and champions of the arena. And when they march forth from the south, the sun seemingly hid itself behind the might of Jorzua’s army,casting a dark and fearful shadow over the northern towns.Of course,some may attribute it to the cause of deep fear and hallucination,but many will never see the light of another day again.

Jorzua is unlike any dark avatars of the past,his lineage may be evil,but the pale prince is driven only by ambition and the restoration of Kynnia,his broken homeland of the south. To this end,the Pale prince will employ all means possbile, be it alligning to the dark or siding with the Light. Jorzua is known to be a silent,brooding tall man of power. His stature is never broken,and his orders are sharp and clever,often exceeding those of a distinguished general and tactician.Jorzua is said to be shockingly young,though his features resembles those of a hardened and chiselled warrior. Jorzua never reveal his face often and is said to adorn large and covering armor of the ancient.

This piece is relatively large,and thats why a closeup of the characters will be revealed in another deviation,stay tuned~comms and support will be very appreciated thank u.;)
here’s the closeup for all the details-seeker!~) [link]


por Morgorth.

Esta imagen me recuerda mucho al Señor de los Anillos, justo al pie de La Puerta Negra cuando los ejercitos de Mordor y Minis Tirith se enfrentan en la última batalla, claro esta obra es do otra historia, pero fue mi primera impresion. Me gusta el eclipse entre la armadura estilo samurai y el rojo Sol…. y lo mejor ke tiene el tamaño suficiente como para volverla poster 😀