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It started out with a request made by someone who had this on their mind: “a dead-on face shot, face tilted down, eyes looking up toward the camera with a mischievous fanged glare. Maybe blur the crap out of the background to make it look like you’re moving forwards. Make the viewer squirrrrrrm trying to decide if they want to get closer, or run for their life.”

So I started to take photos spontaneously and none of them were working. The “fanged glare” looked too awkward and I wasn’t happy with the results. Then I started to play around with the angles and perspective and thus the final product. ) I only took one version of this photo without having to redo the pose or take multiple pictures, so it was truly a spontaneous shot. P

I know that one hand is a little too overexposed, but I couldn’t control the lighting. And for some reason when I changed the Curves a bit in Photoshop, my chest seemed to develop some grain, so I had to blur it out a bit. I’m not too happy with that area, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do. I also tried to brighten that spot but there was too much shadow so I left it alone. Suggestions would help. )

por vampiressa.


La iluminacion de esta foto es bastante contradictoria en el concepto: la claridad la hace lucir como que si estubiera en un lugar angelical, cuando obviamente ella esta lejos de serlo (por su vestuario), pero es bastante adorable la posicion de su cuerpo.