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the characters involved are from Sakura no Ame, an amazing modified VtM RP that I play in.
Swallow and (the presence of) Manji were created by .
Kei was created by .
Shirasagi was created by .

FIRST THINGS FIRST. THAT IS NOT A SWASTIKA IN THE CORNER. IT’S A MANJI. A BUDDHIST SYMBOL. So please don’t get that confused. They’re two very, very, very different things.

size :: 11″x14″
media :: microns, watercolour, india ink
time :: approximately 100 hours, 30 of which have been in the past two days. +_+


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Above all, the flowers in the Kimono/Tree/WTFever made my life a living hell. 8| The nurses made a reappearance, except… uh. Horihone Saizou style. >>;;

The characters, from viewer’s left to right, are Kei, Shira, and Swallow. For those who can’t quite tell what’s going on, Shira’s dug Swallow’s heart from his chest, and Kei is fishing for it through Swallow’s throat. Make what you will of that, symbolism-wise.

To understand the presence of Manji (the character) and the manji symbol, one might be inclined to read “This is not a love story”, which recounts the history between Manji and Kei.

Feel free to ask questions. I’ll do what I can to answer.

I’m really rather proud of this piece, in a catatonic and totally exhausted sort of way. I hope that you enjoy it.

edit :: Oh. and a story.

a couple months ago, when I’d first started painting this piece, I lamented to my best friend about how I ruined the piece– because of the blood on Swallow’s face. She told me that I’d done no such thing and that it was still amazing. I put it down for a month or two, and then started picking at it again– before I went on a two day streak of just doing it.

Now, I think it’s my best to date.

so thanks, . A whole lot. ILU. ;o;

por mythchan.
Esta es una de las obras mas geniales ke he visto, por ke el nivel de detalles apreciable en ella es sorprendente. Deben ver la version de tamaño completo!. Primero por el tema de muerte y sangre…diferente a las tipicas fotos de mundo imaginarios. Los detalles en las sabanas y cortinas son muy realistas, en especial en la zona de las piernas de la chica que le estan sacando la lengua. La combinacion de flores blancas y rojas me gusta mucho, le da el toke de dulzura ironica en la obra… donde hay dolor y tortura. Me encanta!