Mensaje de Amy Lee

Ayer Amy Lee dejo un mensaje en EvBoard, aclarando un parde cosas antes de ke The Open Door salga al público:

Happy cupcake sprinkly funland-the album!
hi guys. part of me thinks it would be best not to say a word about the first single, because the only way to really appreciate or ‘get’ the title of the song is to hear it- BUT- i just want to assure you- no rainbows or butterflies. Call me when you’re sober is cool to me because the lyrics are so blunt, its impossible to misinterpret. Im just getting a little braver, thats all. I wrote it pissed off and finally ready to change my life after putting up with way too much. Its not a pop song, its not a ballad, it rocks. But it isn’t “typical evanescence” either. I hope you all love the record, i know i do, but just one tip about it- each song really has a life of its own. It would be impossible to judge the record on one song alone. Some are much heavier than weve ever been before, some more soulful, some more fun- the only word that really describes all of them is “more.” …as I’m reading this I still think its all meaningless without hearing the album. Just be open minded, because I wasn’t aiming to give people what they expect.
i love you guys!!! almost there!

ah ke llege ya Octubre por favor!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Mensaje de Amy Lee”

  1. hola amy lee soy un fan de montevideo uruguay me encanta tu forma de cantar en el escenario y lo linda que eres. me gustaria saber tu edad? me podes contestar a mu msn? besos matias barreto

  2. hey I just want to tell amy that
    I’m a great fan of you and i want to know if you can understand or speak in spanish.THANK’S
    love YVETTE.

  3. hello amy lee i am florencia am of argentina rosario and i love you it enchants me as you sing if you prune to respond to me to east message to the pagina encantaria me conocerte in person I have all your CD t-shirts that I did of you all the letters of your songs I have 15 years old Argentinean kisses bye i love you…

  4. Amy no escribe aca, asi q no seas ingenuos y dejad de escribir hacia ella. Por algo pone antes de su mensaje “Amy Lee dejo un mensaje en EvBoard”. Si quereis decirle algo, alli hay un subforo donde podeis decirle cosas a la banda o a alguien de esta en especifico, pero sin poner chorradas como “quiero saber tu edad” (para algo estan las biografias) o “contesta a mi msn” (ni q ella tuviera tiempo).
    No se sabe si los leen o no, pero al menos sabemos q escriben alla MUY de vez en cuando. dejen de hacer aca el idiota

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