Spammers vrs. Blue Security (II)

Al parecer el atake hacia Blue Frog ha terminado, al igual ke la cantidad de spamm ke recibo en mi cuenta principal. El CEO de Blue Security a publicado un mensaje:

Freedom Is Not Free

A message from our CEO, Eran Reshef:

In the last few days, PharmaMaster has order a brutal, vicious attack on our community. We were blackmailed, threatened, spammed DDoS-ed and blackhole filtered. PharmaMaster wants to take away our right to be let alone. We will not let this happen.

On Friday, May 5th, the growing pressure of public opinion generated by our community seems to have at least temporally stopped DDoS attacks (according to a message we have received). For the last 12 hours, we have not seen any significant attacks. Thank you for support and hard work!

We must remember that freedom is not free, not in the real world and not in the cyber space. PharmaMaster will probably continue to do his worst to launch more attacks. Right now, some members are under spam attacks, our current service provider suffers from a massive joe-job, and our intelligence reports indicate a threat of distribution of faked frogs (download frogs only at the official Blue Security’s download location).

Our immediate priority is to deter spammers from continuing to attack individual members. The community can rest assured that our right to opt-out will soon be used to the fullest extent permitted under the CAN-SPAM Act. Report your spam, including threat letters, bounce backs and joe-jobs. Your frog will soon be very busy.

Many of you are asking how you can help the cause. Here are some ways you can help thwart PharmaMaster’s plans:

Fred needs you! Help us win the Blue Independence War!


  • Express your opinion by writing a blog item
  • Periodically comment on relevant blog postings or news articles
  • Write or call your representative (US, UK) and express your opinion
  • Become an affiliate and promote Fred on your site
  • Get your friends and family to join the community
  • Run your frog and report your spam
  • Tambien han sido publicados muchos mas detalles del atake y de lo ke paso realmente. Se sabe ke el DNS atakado fue Tucows, y los servidores de Typepad.

    Luego de navegar un poko en los foros, descubri ke solo las cuentas principales de los usuarios fueron atakadas mayormente, komo en mi caso, mis cuentas de Hotmail, SourceForge y Gmail recibieron solo la cantidad normal de spam, menos de 10 correos basura en la semana, no a si mi cuenta de MailSnare ke recibio mas de 120 correos en total durante la semana.

    Todavia no puedo reportar el Spamm… el dominio sige abajo

    Voy a buscar mas detalles del atake a publicarlos aki.