New Evanescence Album: The Open Door in Stores Oct.3!

Hey Evanescence Fans!The announcement you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! Evanescence’s upcoming release, THE OPEN DOOR, will be in stores on Oct, 3. 2006!

Following the multi-platinum, worldwide success of FALLEN, THE OPEN DOOR is an ideal showcase for the band’s inevitable personal and professional growth, with songs of introspection, longing, doubt, self-respect and ultimately, empowerment and anticipation.

Recorded in Los Angeles at The Record Plant with long-time friend and producer Dave Fortman, the album is defined by Amy Lee’s beautiful melodies, profound lyrics, stunning vocals and poignant piano, which fuse with Terry Balsamo’s urgent, yet intricate guitar playing, to form a remarkable, ethereal blend perfectly rooted in the band’s rock and classical sensibilities.

Amy Lee shared some thoughts about the upcoming release:

“The making of this record has been really intense, but I’ve come out feeling purified. I’ve grown so much since ‘Fallen,’ and Terry is the perfect writing partner — I feel like I’ve been lifted up to a whole new level of inspiration and possibilities. After all the things we’ve seen over the past couple of years, beautiful and tragic, in the end I’m really grateful. It has made us create music I could not be more in love with.”

Keep an eye on for more info as it becomes available. Now you can stay on top of the latest Evanescence news while you are on the move!

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UPDATE: Tambien, el comunicado oficial de Wind-Up en

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  1. la gente cambia…y amy cambio vaya paso de ser una mujer ” ex” y media gordita a una esqueletica rubia, la portada me encanta sus nuevas canciones son las mejores

  2. You’ve been waiting the evanenecence’s new album, but it’s coming soon to forward to some sucess about the theme gothic and else the separation off her pione….

  3. el mejor grupo q existe es OBVIO q es EVANESCENCE les digo por que son buenos com los sonidos tocando cantando pus a mi me gusto como cantaron en los premios MTV y me da mucha rabia por q ellos se eforzaron y merecian un premio…ojala ganen muchos premios ,les deseo EXITOS en si carrera…BESOS..CHAAAU

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